Sandra Newes, PhD

Dr. Sandra Newes

Meet Sandy

Dr. Sandra Newes (aka "Sandy") is a Licensed Psychologist operating a private practice in the Asheville, North Carolina area. Dr. Newes specializes in treating trauma, anxiety, chronic stress, self-regulation issues, and adult ADHD and works with older adolescents, young adults, and adult clients. In addition to her therapeutic practice, Dr. Newes is nationally recognized for her work in psychological testing, neurofeedback, outdoor behavioral healthcare, young adult and adolescent treatment program development, program research, and neurofeedback.

Dr. Newes is invited to train staff members of therapeutic organizations across the country and regularly speaks at industry conferences and events. She offers custom trainings, as well as the Clinical First Responder (CFR), Community Resilience Model (CRM), and Reconnect for Resilience (RFR).